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What a fantastic year we have had in Middlesex East celebrating the Centenary.
Thank you all for giving yourselves and our Girls so many marvellous opportunities.
Not only have we enjoyed the large events organised nationally and by the Region, but also in our own local activites. Taking part in these events has given the girls the chance to realise just what a large and dynamic organisation they belong to.

Your reports are full of the many things you organised locally, enabling the girls to experience a more personal part of the Centenary in their Units, Districts and Divisions, thank you so much to all the Guiders who have given their time to make this happen. So much time and planning was spent in making sure that all of Middlesex East would remember our Centenary for many years to come.

There were events for everyone, from the smallest Rainbow to the oldest member of the Trefoil Guild. Everyone had the chance to be fully involved. We have camped, had sleepovers, entertainments, displays, discos, pageants, teas, activity days and numerous parties in all shapes and sizes over the period of 15 months. Without your time our girls would have been unable to take part in the celebrations. So many Guiders have gone that extra mile and organised many large-scale events giving our girls such great experiences.